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Steroids : The Hall Of Fame Era

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The Steroid era in Major League Baseball is long since over. No more 70 home run seasons, no more 50 home run seasons by 10 guys who never even came close to knocking 40 out of the park. No more ballooning biceps and comic book like cap sizes.

No , once the Federal government got involved with Congressional hearings Major League Baseball was forced to clean up its act and for the most part it did.

So a few years have passed and with the exception of the A-Rod revelation, all has been quiet on the roids front. You do get the occasional idiot offender but it is safe to say that the Steroid Era is over.

But at the Baseball Hall of Fame..the steroid era is really just getting started!


The first test case was Big Mac , All American hero Mark McGwire. Statistically McGwire was a non brainer 1st ballot hall of famer. He has 583 Career Home Runs and captivated the entire country in 1998 when he broke the single season home run record held by Roger Maris for over 35 years. And of course battled Sammy Sosa homer for homer for the entire month of september. It was Maris and Mantle all over again and the nation was hooked.

So needless to say Big Mac knocks 70 dingers and he is a national hero, fast forward a few years and McGwire is sitting before a congressional committee and basically sunk his own ship by refusing to discuss the subject of steroids. GUILTY!

Fast forward another two years and Mark McGwire is up for introduction in the hall and it’s not even close. He has now been eligible for three years and despite the fact that he is back in baseball as the cardinals hitting instructor , his votes keep going down.


In the latest voting that came out this past week, it was Rafael Palmeiro who got the shaft. This guy was a 1000 percent lock to get into the hall first ballot. 500 home runs and 3000 hits…the only other guys in history with those numbers are named Mays and Aaron…. But of course this idiot also testified in front of Congress.. and in what would become a pretty historical soundbite, Palmeiro indignantly points his finger at the Senators and states “I Have never used steroids”

5 months later Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for PEDs while still an active player. GUILTY!

So the trend has started, Players with Hall Of Fame stats will not be getting into the Hall if they have been suspected of using steroids.  This is a slippery slope for the entire game of baseball…fans, players, journalists, all of us.

The Hall

If you are a true baseball fan then you truly must have the utmost respect for the Hall Of Fame. Cooperstown New York is hallowed ground for all baseball purists and I am comfortable saying that of all the professional sports leagues in our country , it is Baseball who has the most respected and most important Hall of Fame. The National Pastimes best of the best!!

Palmeiro and Big Mac might be able to fly somewhat under the radar in terms of popular debate regarding whether or not they should be in the Hall… but what will happen in two years when the names on the ballots are Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa?

Well forget Sosa because without steroids he hits 450 dingers tops.

Rocket Man

But Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were guaranteed Hall Of Famers way before they ever hit the juice, see 3 Cy Youngs and 3 MVPs…..but then they started using steroids and they ended up with 7 Cy Young Awards and 6 MVPs….6 MVPs??? Are you kidding??

73 Home Runs in a Season, 300 wins, 4000 strikeouts…the numbers are earth shattering!

The Baseball writers association of america are the body that casts the HOF votes..  They are in the un-enviable position of deciding how to handle this dilemma. But it seems like most of the writers have drawn a line in the sand with Mac and Palmeiro, one can only assume that Bonds and Clemens are certainly not going to get in on the first ballot and perhaps never at all.

The world knows these guys cheated but by excluding them from the hall, the writers are in some ways attempting to erase an entire period of time, something that despite their best intentions is just not possible.



If I was a voter, for starters I would put Don Mattingly in the Hall immediately ..but that’s another story..if I was a voter I would put them all in. I hate Barry Bonds and he certainly used PEDS (as evidenced by his massive dome..the guy wears a size 14 1/8……HAT!!!) but it’s not like someone else was hitting those home runs, stealing those bases and scoring those runs. Roger Clemens is far from the most likeable Yankee, but he was certainly the most feared and most dominant pitcher for almost two decades. And Palmerio, you just cant ignore the numbers.

I say the games have been played, the records have been set, the stats are in the books.

Home Run King

If the history can’t be changed I am not sure ignoring it and in turn ignoring the players that made that history is really the right move for the game of baseball.

Yankees in 2011!

Robbed Of Perfection!

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Welcome to the instant replay era of Major League Baseball.

Some baseball purists like myself would have said that instant replay simply can not happen, that the human element of the umpire is too much a part of a game that is and will forever be about its history as much as it is about its present and future.  Well history was made last night and its this kind of history that is about to put baseball on the fast track to the future.

You can thank umpire Jim Joyce for blowing what will have to go down as the biggest blown call in the history of our great game. You truly have to see it to believe it.

Two outs, bottom of the ninth.  One out a way for from what is surely the rarest of feats in Baseball , The Perfect Game. Of course 2010 is not your ordinary Baseball season as Armando Galarraga would have been the third player this season to throw a perfect game. However that does not diminish the size of the accomplishment. Throwing a perfect game is so rare that last time two players did it in the same season the year was 1880. 3 have never done it in the same season. History in the making right?

Not if Jim Joyce has anything to do with it, Gallaraga was covering first base as Miquel Cabrera tossed him the ball, Armando Gallaraga has just tossed the 21st perfect game, but it was not to be. Umpire Jim Joyce standing right on top of first base had the greatest seat in the house to witness this history, but as with so many umpires in today’s game, he just had to steal the spotlight and he called the Indian’s Jason Donald safe at first, although the play was close, it was not that close. Knowing the history and the ramifications involved, you can not miss this call. And that is exactly what Jim Joyce did, and perhaps forever altering our great game of Baseball in the process.

What is even worse is that Joyce admitted his mistake as soon as he saw the replay  “I just cost that kid a perfect game” he stated.  I am all for sportsmanlike conduct and I appreciate his remorse, but if that’s all it takes to change the course of history, then we need to take a hard look at the technology that is available out there so human error no longer factors into our record books.

I hate the fact that I am even saying this, but as a fan I feel robbed and I can only imagine how Gallaraga feels. If these umpires can’t get out of their own way and simply call games and not become part of the storyline, then they just might need to be part of the past.