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“The Promo” by The Jungle Brothers feat Q-Tip

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If you know your history, you have this album!

The Jungle Brothers get no love, when the history of hip-hop is told the JB’s are a mere footnote in the Native Tongue movement, but before you could have a Tribe, a De La, a Latifah , or  a Black Sheep, you had the Jungle Brothers.

"Q-Tip , His name"

This particular track is one  for the truly educated, and as far as I know it was the first time I heard Q- Tip on wax and believe me it was on WAX.  If memory serves it was the last track on the album. Way before Tribes “Instinctive Travels” debut  album dropped .

That beat is so simple its brilliant.


“Jungle Brother , JB for short” …….

.”Q-Tip…. his name, he’s into business…… not into games”