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Benihana Lends A Hand.

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If the New York Yankees are my favorite sports team of all time and The Dave Matthews Band is my favorite band of all time then it is certainly safe to say that Benihana is my favorite restaurant in the world. After some loose calculations, I figure I hit up the NYC Benihana location 15 to 20 times a year. That is serious dedication!

So when a restaurant that you love does something great for the public in general, it makes you feel good to be associated and even better to simply love the place.

And that is exactly what Benihana is doing with its “ARIGATO” campaign! In response to the devastating earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan, The Benihana chain is galvanizing the support of its diners in an effort to help the citizens of Japan. Now of course Benihana is first and foremost a Japanese restaurant, but when Rocky Aoki founded Benihana in 1964 he did so in NYC , but the connection with Japan has always remained.

So it is in the spirit of basic humanity that Benihana is supporting the Red Cross in this desperate time of need. When you dine at any of the 80 worldwide Benihana locations, you can add any dollar amount you choose to your bill and in turn Benihana will match that dollar figure and all of it will go to those who need it most right now.

Normally its simply the amazing shrimp and garlic butter that makes me love Benihana, but the fact that MY RESTAURANT is helping people, well that just makes me love the place even more.

Benihana Dot Com

IL Bagatto..LES Diamond in the Rough

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Trying to make a reservation at 12:00pm on a Saturday for the same evening is never that simple in Manhattan. But then again living in arguably the biggest city in the world has its advantages…We have plenty of restaurants to choose from. So after being shut down at a few spots that were booked up, I called upon my good friends Oliver and Taryn for some suggestions. Independently of each other (which is strange considering they are married) both suggested Il Bagatto on the Lower East Side.

I had no problem locking down a reservation and my night was planned.

Il Bagatto is a cute and  cozy place, those adjactives are actually perfect ways to describe this Trattoria. Before you are seated in the close but comfortable upstairs dining area , you are led to the downstairs bar, greeted by a massive bowl of homemade Sangria and a DJ playing classic soul and some old school hip-hop. The lighting is certainly very date friendly , not too dark and definitly not too bright, lots of candles , interesting artwork , family photos etc….

The menu has all the standards of a Roman Trattoria, I had an excellent chicken in a rich white sauce, with brushetta appetizer.

But there is a very home like quality to the restaurant. The Service was excellent and the staff could not have been friendlier. If you feel like trooping to 2nd Street Between A & B. Il Bagatto is worth the trip.


New York Magazine Dot Com Review

192 East 2nd Street (btwn Ave. A & B), NY, NY 10009
Reservations: 212.228.0977

T–Th: 5:30pm – 11:30pm
F–Sat: 5:30pm – 12:30am
Sun: 5pm – 10:45pm

You wanna share a cab?

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You wanna share a cab?

You know that all too familiar question , normally said amongst close friends during a night out or on that VERY RARE occasion when the NYC weather is acting crazy and the lack of yellows forces you to ride with a complete stranger.

Imagine my dismay this morning when I picked up the NY Times and read that the Taxi and Limousine Commission is trying a pilot program for cab sharing on certain routes in Manhattan. Under the guidelines of the program up to a max of four passengers will pay a flat fee per person and those passengers can be dropped off at any point along certain preset routes.

Now I am sure there are a host of economic &  environmental reasons for this program and of course the most obvious being too many passengers and not enough taxis. But you know what, I do not want to share a cab with you.  If I wanted to share a cab with you, I would just as soon meet you on the train or perhaps never meet you at all.

As a life long taxi user, I see the taxi as a safe haven. My own private little world that I pay a premium for , and for the time I am in that world, its mine. I dont have to make three pit stops to drop my three new friends off.  And how about the time actually spent in the cab, apparently under the new program cell phone use would be prohibited. So that means I have to sit with 3 strangers and possibly engage in conversation. That is the whole reason I took the cab in the first place…To be alone and in peace.

I went to school in Washington DC and have been in other cities where sharing a cab is part of the drill, but that just simply can’t fly in NY. Now at first glance I could see it being an interesting place to pick up a potential love interest but as far as benefits go its stops there. If your looking to save cash, take the subway. Its clearly cheaper and at the end of the day almost always faster. And of course the beauty of the subway is that, you really dont have to talk or even look at anyone. That etiquette has been long standing and will most likely never change.

I ride alone!

Benihana & The Blind Side!

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What a good Saturday night, Dinner and a Movie. The Blind Side was just a great movie. Totally feel good, I was smiling the whole time and Sandra Bullock was pretty sensational. I think the Oscar should be hers. And of course the movie was followed by dinner at the best restaurant in the world..Benihana!!


Tiger Had The Splash N Meadow!