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“GAME CHANGE” Read this book!

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The timing is interesting, but on the very same day that Congress passed sweeping health care reform, I completed “Game Change” which is a wonderful roadmap of the Obama journey and how we got where we are today.

There is a reason that John Heilemann & Mark Halperin’s book “Game Change” is on the best-seller list, these two Washington journalists have delivered a page turning behind the scenes look at the historic adventure that was the Presidential campaign of 2008.

Now I can certainly not predict the future, but I am something of a student of the past, with a passion for Presidential history,  So one does not have to go out on limb by saying America had never quite seen an election with so many huge stories and even larger implications for our country and the world. I am certain we will never see more a contested and fascinating Primary season as we  saw with President Obama & Secretary Clinton. An african american and woman battling for a year and half in what must already be the stuff of political legend. And if the rise of Obama and the fall and eventual resurrection of Hilary Clinton is not enough you had the truly meteoric rise of the one and only Sarah Palin , who was plucked from complete obscurity to become a rock star and massive liability to the Republican ticket all in the course of 4 weeks.

This book tells the whole tale, and really sheds light on the fascinating  operations of Presidential campaigns. The authors were very smart because in this age of instant gratification, they wrote a very comprehensive and thorough history of what will surely be one of the most studied presidential campaigns and we are only one year into the presidency. Considering the depth of this book, its pretty remarkable they were able to release it so quickly.

Even if you don’t fall under the political junkie title, this book is a great read, and quite frankly a lot of it does read like fiction because let’s be honest, John Edwards is in this book and anything to do with Edwards borders on fiction..(maybe even science fiction)

There is some jaw dropping information on the selection process or lack therefore by the McCain campaign with their selection of Palin as a running mate, it is clear the nation dodged a bullet because that woman was barely qualified to be mayor of a small forest town in Alaska let alone to be next in line for the highest office of our land.

“Game Change” is fun and wildly informative, the insider perspective from Heileman & Halperin is second to none.

Read this book!

Edwards / Paterson 2012

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Edwards/Paterson 2012

Our political system has grinded to a bi-partisan stand still. Our leaders of government need some real introspection as to what they are doing in Washington,  but more  importantly why they became public servants in the first place. Most would state that they entered government because they to wanted to make a difference and improve the quality of life in our nation.

Well the only thing our leaders are doing right in this day and age is SCANDAL. Our leaders have SCANDAL down pat and guess where they do scandal best? Where else but NYC baby! In New York City scandal is a team sport and like the Yankees our politicians play it well. All the while the history of New York and national politics is unfolding daily right before our eyes.

David Paterson is a goner, I have him out of the Governors mansion in Albany by the weekend, but David Paterson will have a lasting effect on national politics for years to come.

What are the chances two men are forced to resign from the same post in one single term due to scandal or personal misconduct. This has got to be a first …of course it is. How hard is it TO NOT get bounced when you basically are only serving half the term? How dumb do you have to be? I love these guys.

And oh how the web of politics works..who would have thought that David Paterson who if nothing else will leave office as a joke and interesting footnote in NY politics would have such a profound effect on the political aspirations of Harold Ford Jr. , and I will go a step further and say that perhaps Hilary Clinton and The President are intimately involved.

Try and follow me here , When Odrama tapped Hilary to be the Secretary of State, she was forced to vacate her NY senate seat, thus allowing the Governor to select a replacement to finish out the term. Keep in mind Paterson had just slid into the job cuz Spitzer was Spitzin in DC with some high-priced lady friends. Suddenly this legally blind guy is Governor and he is appointing Senators. I am not sure this guy should have even been appointing the kid to run the Batman ride at six flags… and what does Paterson do..He picks Christine Gillibrand ,  who at the time was an unpopular choice and it looked briefly like Caroline Kennedy might seek the seat her Uncle Bobby held in the 1960’s (now I am just showing off)

But Paterson picks Gillibrand, Scott Brown (a republican) wins Teddy Kennedy’s seat  in Massachusetts and the Democrats are reeling. Suddenly The Democratic party can’t stand to have the boat rocked any more than it is….so Gillibrand is in and Harold Ford is a non starter.

Listen, no one is worse than John Edwards. But I gotta give my boy David Paterson some props, sicking the state police on an innocent female victim of domestic abuse (by your closest staffer) is right up there.

But honestly Washington is so screwed up at this point nothing would ever surprise me, not even an Edwards/Paterson 2012 ticket!


“The Politician” by Andrew Young (Recap)

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Where do I even start, I don’t recall ever reading a non fiction book and shaking my head in utter disbelief with every turn of the page. The scandal surrounding one time Presidential hopeful John Edwards is nothing short of COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE. Before I even get into my deeper thoughts on the subject all I can say is that it’s a MUST read. The media has simply not done the story justice , but really how could they? Nothing short of reading this story can describe to the public , as the New York Times’ Janet Maslin states “the sheer freakiness of Mr. Edward’s hubris, ambition and dishonesty”

Let me begin by saying this, there are no heroes in this book, I dont feel bad for any of the players (with exception of the innocent child) who has a nut job for a mother and perhaps the KING of all dirt bags as a father. I pretty much think that they all have gotten what they deserve, if you read “The Politician” I believe you will agree.

The person I really want to start with though is the author. Andrew Young, thank god you cashed out with a “tell all”, because after reading your book Andrew, I think you are a huge DOUCHER and simply not that bright. Oh and your wife is no genius either, she should have left you from jump street. Blind loyalty is not an admirable quality, particularly when you are dealing with and covering for a man who was trying to win our lands highest office. Not to get high and mighty but you both should be ashamed.

But the story in a nutshell is just difficult to wrap your head around, in the book Mr. Young “Describes how he , hi wife Cheri; his children ; and Mr. Edwards pregnant girlfriend , Rielle Hunter , all moved in together, while Andrew Young allowed himself to be falsely named as the Baby’s father-to-be.” This adventure is as strange as science fiction.

What kind of person would admit to having an affair and fathering a child, all in hopes of landing a job in the white house, assuming this candidate could even weather the scandal.  “Young joked that he would deliver the Edward’s groceries in hopes they would some day spend 16 years in the White House-during a vice presidency and a presidency”

Andrew Young redefines the term FALL GUY.

But if for no other reason read this book so you can see the “astonishing degree of either cynicism or delusional thinking on the part of John Edwards”

America we dodged a bullet.