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Oh Captain My Captain!

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The Captain

The Captain Speaks.

Derek Jeter will go down as perhaps the greatest Yankee of all time, if not the greatest then certainly in the top 5. When you are talking about names like Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle , DiMaggio and Berra, that is really no joke.

When it is all said and done Jeter will be remembered for all the championships, the acrobatic throws to first, Mr. November,  the flip play and of course flinging his body into the crowd to catch an impossible foul ball in an early July game against Boston.

But what Jeter should be remembered for is for literally being the COOLEST character to ever put on the pinstripes. Derek Jeter has lived under a constant microscope of fame since he first stepped into the house that Ruth built in 1995. New York City is the media capitol of the world, and as much as we like to shower our heroes with praise, we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop and knock our stars down a few notches. With Derek Jeter that is impossible and today , his incredible character and savvy were on full display.

In the last year of his 10 year deal with the Yankees, Jeter had the good sense to realize that the media will be asking him daily about his impending free agency and the Yankee policy of not negotiating with players until the end of the season.  So what does the captain of cool do? He holds a press conference to basically say that today and only today will he discuss his contract with the media. Jeter is a winner and he wants to win probably more than anyone in pro sports , he also knows that as the leader of the this franchise he can not allow himself to become the story and a distraction for the team. So he nips it in the bud and says all the right things.  Pay attention Tiger! You have nothing on Derek Jeter!!!!

I think this quote from todays press conference says it all.

“This is the only organization I’ve ever wanted to play for,” Jeter said. “That’s still true today. I was a Yankees fan growing up, and this is where I want to be. I’ve never envisioned myself playing anywhere else, and hopefully I don’t have to.”

I am not sure too many pro athletes could pull this off and have the media obey their wishes, but Derek Jeter has that type of respect. He has certainly earned it.

Check out the press conference.