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Let me start this post by saying that I dont think my blog should be a forum for my complaints about life or just stuff that flat out annoys me, but every now and again life throws you a little slice of  fate, a little moment in time where the powers that be, the “Producers” of big media, mass entertainment just get it all WRONG!

Tell me what are the chances that an opening ceremony for a Winter Olympic Games (which happens every 4 years) , and  an NBA All Star Weekend fall on the very same weekend, coupled with the one month anniversary of perhaps our lifetimes greatest natural disaster , THe Earthquake in Haiti: and the corresponding debut video of “We are the World” 25 for Haiti benefit record, which as its title indicates is a remake of the classic “We are The World” USA for Africa record of 1985.

Where would you like to start, pick your poison. I say start on Friday with the Opening of the Winter Games, held in our very own neighbors backyard. And perhaps this is why the genius of the founding fathers of our nation knows no bounds, The United States basically gave Canada away following the WAR OF 1812 (The Treaty of Ghent 1813). Listen I dont have anything personal against Canada or its citizens, but with the eyes of the planet on Vancouver and the opening of the Games, My dear Canadians u seriously dropped the PUCK.

This spectacle was nothing short of Terrible, in the most boring , terrible and amateur way. I felt like I was watching “Displaced Indian Tribes on Ice”

Go to your average county fair or Six Flags  theme park and your bound to see the same caliber talent hard at work. The worst part of this theme park gig is the poor indians (Who looked more like they came from Ft; Lauderdale than the Canadian woods) They had to dance for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS, are you kidding me? As the night went on I couldnt believe how horrible this display was and It certainly could not possibly get any worse…ahh but it could and it did.

“We are The World” The Remix..25 for Haiti.

As my man Jay Z said, you dont remake “THRILLER” and the original “We are The World” was the “THRILLER” of all charity records. “We are The World” from 1985 will forever hold a special place for all who got to witness the elite of the music industry, the greatest of all the globes Rock Stars, that “checked their egos at the door” and created a Worldwide Anthem, that was not only a great song, but a real snapshot of our culture at the time. We had real serious rock stars in 85 , larger than life figures who created a classic. A classic that should never have ever been touched or even contemplated.

The King of Pop would not be havin it! Im sorry but you simply can’t have Justin Bieber sing the first verse of perhaps the most classic reboot of all time and expect people to take it seriously, they lost from me the first note. And it only got worse, Barbara Streisand sounded terrible, Lil Wayne is on his way to prison, Kanye needs to stick to wearing FUR coats at the fashion shows in Paris and cmon Jeff Bridges , your about to win an Oscar….Not necessary.

Anyway the whole thing was a disaster, now Ill donate money to Haiti, (god knows they need it) But I will say it again, Wanna Be Rock Stars need to follow Jiggas example, the man defines cool and if Jay Z thinks its a bad idea. It probably this case it was a no brainer. Bad Idea, Bad Execution. Ill stick with 1985 version..thank you very much.

Then we come to the nail in the weekends coffin. The NBA Slam JUNK  contest, I wont even waste too much time on the NBA product, because as I have stated in earlier posts the NBA needs to step the whole operation up, and in their signature annual events filled weekend with the Slam Dunk contest was always my favorite highlight. That ended last night. Even though a Knick won the contest (Nate Robinson) The dunks were boring and the talent repping the NBA even worse.

I dont need to see 4 lame non – stars do mediocre dunks that I can watch Lebron do mid-game, double teamed with his eyes closed. If the NBA wants to go back to the glory years of the  All Star weekend, where MJ, Nique, and Larry Legend competed in the dunk contest and the three point shootout comp. They need to break out the big guns.The NBA is all about its superstars, Give me Kobe, Give me Lebron!!

So to the Canadians, To the participants of the “We Are The World” remix , and to the NBA….I want my weekend back!!!!