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“King Of New York” Part Two “The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace”

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"The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace"

Timing is everything and the timing of my well received “KING OF NEW YORK” post could not have been better, as just one day later upstart rap phenom JAY ELECTRONICA releases a great track titled “The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace”

Jay Electronica

Jay Elect seeks to put the King Of New York debate to bed , with BIG being the one and only reigning KING. The track features Diddy aka “THE DIDIOT” who talks more trash on this joint then all the landfills in New Jerz. Diddy takes ad-libs to an entirely new level on this track.

"Take That Take That"

“GET OUT OF OUR WAY CUZ WERE GREAT” only Puff could get away with this bravado…I Love it.

(BTW I love Diddy to death but my man LESTER at WEST NYC gave me the “DIDIOT” line and I had to run with it.)

Click the link and enjoy :

New DRAKE single “Find Your Love” produced by Kanye

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Second Single

Drake certainly made this one for the ladies and to say its radio friendy is a but of an understatement. But something tells me they this one might go global, I see them digging this is in Cannes this summer. And its got Kanye’s fingerprints of 808’s and Heartbreak all over this bad boy.

“Find Your Love” is the second single from the forthcoming sure to be massive debut album “Thank Me Later”

But this record is so radio friendly and really much more of an R&B record that its an interesting route to take, but not surprising. Drake and his team know exactly what they are doing and this will be no exception.

At first listen I am not blown away, but it feels like a creeper. Meaning this record is sure to grow on all.

I think it wins!

click the link and listen (Courtesy of Rap Radar)

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