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10th Annual Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Road Trip!

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We MIssed you Yogi!!

My father and I did it again, out 10th year in a row for the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Induction weekend.

Cooperstown , New York can only be described as Disney World for true fans of our National Pastime , it is a small adorable village which sole purpose is to spread the gospel of baseball through the crown Jewel of the town, The National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Hall

It is a collectors paradise , with as much baseball memorabilia for sale than one could ever collect in many lifetimes, yet it seems every die-hard fan that attends Induction Weekend is trying take home as much history as possible.

Now Cooperstown draws decent crowds every weekend throughout the summer. It is a must visit overnight trip for every sleep away camp in the Northeast. I know I went in 1987 for a weekend, and I thought the place was amazing, but I certainly did not have the capacity to appreciate all the history. And at the end of the day that is what Cooperstown is really all about, Celebrating the History of the greatest sport in the world.

But the biggest weekend of all is Induction Weekend (which is what my father and I attend every year) This special weekend most of the surviving members of the most elite fraternity in sports gather to celebrate the game, catch up with old friends and welcome the new members

Dad and I waiting for the Parade of Legends

who are voted in every January.

You will never ever see as many legends of the sport in one place. EVER.

And the actual Museum and Hall of Fame does an incredible job of telling the story of the game from its humble beginnings , to its current permanent place in the fabric and culture of our country. And of course the actual hall where the plaques of the 292 members are immortalized is breathtaking.

Baseball is the toughest sport there is,  certainly the only sport where if you are succesful 3 out of 10 times, you are an all star, these men enshrined forever in the hall, represent less than 1% of all the men that have played in the Majors since its INCEPTION (sorry had to do it)

Me and #44 Mr. October Reggie Jackson

So every year its a treat to shake hands with Whitey Ford, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra (who was def missed this year) Eat lunch next to Ron Guidry, bump into Harmon Kilibrew in the mens room of the local diner. Grab a quick autograph from MLB network analyst and all around nice guy Harold Reynolds…Its Baseball heaven.

And the best part of the trip (Other than spending great QT with my father, another baseball nut) , the best part is being surrounded by thousands of hard-core, die-hard baseball fans. Despite your team affiliation, Cooperstown is neutral territory (Not unlike Switzerland) where for one weekend out of the year, Yankee Fans and Red Sox Fans, and Chicago Cub fans and St. Louis Cardinal fans and Dodger and Giant fans , can pass each other in the street and exchange in playful banter all the while respecting each other simply because when you are in Cooperstown…Everyone is really on the same team.

27 Days till Yankee Baseball – The Reggie Bar!!

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You can tell it’s coming, the temperature is slowly moving up. The snow is clearing and the hot stove discussions are heating up as Spring training is in full swing. I do my best not to pay attention to pre-season baseball results,  April 4 is where the real action begins. Yankee vs Sox in Boston on a Sunday night….great way to start the year.

I love hearing the stories of opening day 1978 at Yankee Stadium. What could Reggie do to follow-up his  Babe Ruth like effort in Game 6 of the 77 series (3 home runs on 3 swings) where he became Mr. October, well on opening day in 1978, Reggie did what he does best…He went long!!

The Yankees’ home opener of the 1978 season, on April 13 against the Chicago White Sox, featured a new product, the “Reggie!” bar.

In 1976, while playing in Baltimore, Jackson had said, “If I played in New York, they’d name a candy bar after me.”  The Reggie! bars were handed to fans as they walked into Yankee Stadium on that 1978 Opening Day. Jackson hit a home run, and when he returned to right field the next inning, fans began throwing the Reggie bars on the field in celebration. The Yankees won the game, 4-2.

Reggie , Reggie, Reggie!!!!!