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Game “Shake” Video

Posted in Air Jordan, Hip-Hop, Music, Rappers, YouTube Classics with tags , , , , on April 28, 2010 by mattyfresh697400

Gotta love THE GAME producing videos for his Mixtapes.

As I said GAME gets its. For an artist of his caliber on his level, whats the difference..Album..Mixtape..etc….. Its all a marketing tool for the forthcoming full length.

The video is hysterical….The L.A. rapper strolls into his walk-in closet — which is a modest characterization. Game’s “closet” is about the size of your local Foot Locker and boasts more sneakers and athletic apparel than the retailer. He sports a pair of Air Jordans and a throwback Michael Jordan jersey and begins his adventure.

Oh and if  that is actually GAME’s closet I am impressed!!!!!!!!

I need walk in closet like that in my life!

ok  I have officially ODeed on this track…..this is my last post about…maybe!!