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“Who Buys Their Car Bomb on Craigs List” (The JV Terrorists Part 2)

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Junior Varsity

Doesnt the logic go , that the real hard-core international terrorists, the real deal islamic fundamentalists , the I am gonna fly a commercial airliner into a skyscraper , or the I am gonna blow myself to bits  and take as many people with me on a double-decker bus in London never get caught……isnt that how these things normally play out……Why you ask?

Well to put in plainly the Terrorists that get the job done almost never get caught because by the time the deed is done and they have killed as many innocent people as possible,  they themselves have been blown to kingdom Come.

The Good terrorists don’t get caught because they are suicide bombers. Our Junior Varsity terrorist from this past weekends failed Time Square attack, was caught on early Tuesday morning (Monday night really ) trying to board a plane to Dubai with his eventual destination being Pakistan.

So let me get this straight Mr. Faisal Shahzad , you were born in Pakistan, but are a naturalized U.S. Citizen. You attempted to remotely detonate ( or so its seems) a massive car bomb in the heart of Times Square, you were to chicken shit to actually just be in the car, make sure your equipment worked properly so you could meet your 40 virgins or whatever it is your crew thinks you get for being a Martyr, and instead of manning up and blowing yourself to high hell you go to JFK to hop a flight to Dubai.

What do you think this is an episode of “Law and Order” and you have a shot at making that next flight out. If you are on American soil chances are we gonna get ya,That is what we do. Its called HOME COURT ADVANTAGE in SPORTS. Sure if you are hiding in a cave somewhere in the Khyber Pass, you might be a lot harder to nail. But when you buy a ticket to Dubai out of JFK like you are Alan Stanwick (from the wonderful and quite frankly under-rated film Fletch) We Got You. I mean this truly is Junior Varsity Terrorism at its finest… Dude pick another airport, rent a car and fly out of Charleston. This is like a really  bad  chapter out of a Patterson book.


So now you’re in American custody, and although the FEDS would have much preferred to simply watch your movements  and see who you move with and in turn who your contacts move with, we were forced to collar you because you were leaving our borders. But have no fear, if you were this sloppy, your friends and associates will be monitored and watched and ultimately brought to justice as well.

But in the interim Faisal…..


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