Letterman , Leno and Oprah Together?

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The spot was a quick one and almost subtle, but midway through the Superbowl Sunday night CBS aired a brief spot for “The Late Show with David Letterman” with Leno, Dave and Oprah sitting on a couch watching the Superbowl. I know everyone at my little Super Sunday gathering kind of looked at each other , and was like “that was wierd” and sort of understood how crazy it was given the recent Network Late Night Soap Opera. But honestly it was so underplayed that I actually thought it was pretty cool.

But the real craziness was how this spot came together and how rival networks , put three of the most famous people in the country in the same room together to film the spot.

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Im with CoCo- Support Conan

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Posted Jan 18th 2010 5:30PM by TMZ Staff

Conan O’Brien supporters gathered at Universal Studios in Hollywood today — in the rain — to protest NBC’s mistreatment of their giant, red-headed late night hero.

Conan Rally: Click to watch
The protest — which gained a lot of support on Facebook — was set to start at 12 PM PT, but a bunch of Conan’s brave, raincoat-clad faithful have been hanging around near the “The Tonight Show” studio for hours.

Jeff Zucker was not one of those people — but Andy Richter, Masturbating Bear and La Bamba all addressed the crowd.

We’re told “The Tonight Show” has handed out doughnuts and coffee to the supporters.

BTW: Conan rallies are also set to go off today outside of NBC studios in Chicago and 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.
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NBC is making a huge misyake by pulling the plug our very own CONAN….show ya love to Coco…Leno Sucks