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Are you Totally “LOST” ?

Posted in Lost, TV with tags , on February 4, 2010 by mattyfresh697400

Since the Tuesday night premiere of Season Six of  the ABC hit series “LOST” I have been trying to find both the courage and quite frankly the mental stamina to even write about the premier episode titled “LA X”

Prior to the episode ABC aired an hour recap show, which makes a rather futile attempt to refresh the memory of the long time hardcore faithful and perhaps even attract some new viewers. NEW VIEWERS…I DONT THINK SO PEOPLE….THAT SHIP HAS SAILED (and exploded I might

When me and my better half were watching this , we could not help but laugh as the producers attempted to put 5 seasons worth of insanity , of twists &  turns, time travel, love triangles, polar bears, mysterious black smoke and well you get the picture. Just watching the recap made my head spin and I have never missed a single episode EVER!

But little could prepare me for what the producers would deliver for the start of Season 6….AN ENTIRE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE where the Oceanic Jet Liner never crashes and on top of that insanity, they introduce an entire new cast of Maroon Clad “OTHERS” living in a Temple that no one has ever seen…How many fucking people live on this damn island anyway. The show , simply put is nothing short of Madness (but in a great way)

It might sound like I am complaining and in a way I am , the truth is I am always complaining about “LOST” .   In Fact after every single episode I curse Carlton and Damon (executive producers and writers) and wonder aloud or to myself..”what the fuck is this show about?” But in the very next breath I say.. “GENIUS”… and it is Genius, or at least I damn well hope it is. The creators of “LOST” are mad scientist scribes, and I have faith that on May 23rd when they air the Final Episode I will be happy I gave 6 years of my life to this wonderful and frustratingly addictive adventure.

More LOST..NY Times Interactive Timeline

Posted in Lost, TV with tags , on February 2, 2010 by mattyfresh697400

Just came across this awesome NY Times Interactive Lost Time line. Its a great chronological overview of the events from the series, and lets face it we all need some guidance when it comes to LOST…. Enjoy!!


“Lost,” which begins its final season on Feb. 2, isn’t just about plane crashes, polar bears, magical numbers and mysterious black smoke. It’s also about choosing whether to surrender to destiny or to determine your own fate. To keep track of which side (i.e. Jack or Locke) is winning, you need to see the results of their choices; hence the show, and some of its characters, have been hopping around in time for several seasons. Because this can get awfully confusing — did Desmond meet Faraday before or after Ben wiped out the Dharma Initiative? — we’ve arranged some major events of the show’s first five seasons in chronological order. —

LOST….Season 6 starts tonight!

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Its the beginning of the end for Lost.  The show is one of the best and certainly the most confusing shows I have ever watched. I have dedicated almost 6 years of my life to trying to figure out what on earth is happening on this Island.  All I will say is this, the LOST creators better answer all the questions the millions of hardcore fans have. The recap show starts at 8pm and Season 6 starts at 9pm with a two hour premier episode!

LOST Season 6 Tonight
These are some of my big questions…

Will Jin and Sun be reunited?

Why was Sun not transported to the past?

Is Locke really dead?

The Smoke Monster?

Why does Richard never age?

Where the hell has Claire been?

Who does Kate Pick..Jack Or Sawyer?
I could go on and on and on… I just hope we start getting answers and quickly!!

Jack Is Back…the Return of 24!!

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Jack is Back...24!!

Jack is Back saving the world in my very own backyard. NYC! I watched 4 straight hours of the season premier and its as good and as wildly unrealistic as ever. Great to have 24 back, as soon as LOST is on we will be in business!!