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Hootie and The Blowfish..Thank You Pandora.

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I feel compelled to write a post to state clearly that my blog is not simply about Hip-Hop music, or music in general for that matter. That being said I am just loving music right now and can not get enough so in fact this particular post IS about music.  So I am seemingly contradicting myself as I touch each letter on my keyboard.

But I digress again…

Spring is certainly in the air and there is something about this time of year, as the mercury rises and the warm breeze blows through the streets of NY, all music just sounds better. I don’t care what you are listening to!

So right now rather than listening to some Drake, Or Jay Z or Ice Cube or my man Jay Electronica  guess what I am bumping??  A little band called Hootie and the Blowfish. …

Thats right Hootie and The Blowfish. Perhaps the worst name ever for a band , but let’s be clear their first album “Cracked Rear View Mirror” was a monster and it still sounds great. The Album sold 16 MILLION copies.  Put Jigga, Kanye and Weezy together and they still could not touch that number. Lead singer Darius Rucker has the voice of  the angels and although now he is fully entrenched in country music, his time with Hootie was special.

16 Million Sold

I can grasp that you might not want to admit that you liked Hootie, but you know you did.  Hard not to like 3 white boys in cut off dockers and collegiate hats and a Black leader singer that is more Dave Matthews than Corey Glover (shout out to the band  Living Colour )

The debut album that garnered the band a BEST NEW ARTIST Grammy in 1996 had 4 top 20 hits, cmon you know the titles…

“Hold My Hand”

“Let Her Cry”


“Only Wanna Be with You”

So why Hootie and why  today, I really cant say,  Probably because I was listening to Pandora at my desk and there they were.

But I think that’s what  Pandora and YouTube and Itunes are for. To remind us that music is not always about whats new and hot  and whats coming next, but that in fact we already have tens of thousands of classic songs at our fingertips twenty-four hours a day seven days a week…. go get em!

Case of The Mondays….

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Monday + Rain  = Depression.

You dont need to be Stephen Hawking or even Eloise Hawking (shouts to my LOST Fans out there) to figure this one out, Gloom and doom. Rainy mondays often make me feel like pulling a Constanza and having Connie the carpenter carve out a little nap area complete with cup holder and alarm clock shelf, so I can catch a couple zees at the office.

Office Space really nailed this one

Waiter : “Maybe i can get you guys something to nibble on, like some PIZZA SHOOTERS, SHRIMP POPERS or EXTREME FAJITAS”

Ron Livingston : “No, Just some Coffee”

Waiter: “Sounds like a case of the Mondays”

Have a great week people!

“Steppin to the AM” by 3rd Bass

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oh man the nostalgia continues, if this isn’t JV basketball practice at The Dwight School circa 1989, I don’t know what is!

3rd Bass perhaps should be considered the original white boy rap group, The Beasties were  a totally different animal (In a good way) But the way Serch and Pete Nice dropped it was like okay white guys can do this and actually pull it off well, street credibility fully in tact

MC Serch and the Prime Minister Pete Nice, the song still rocks. “The Cactus Cee/D” is actually a much slept on Def Jam classic.

I have heard through the grapevine that Pete Nice lives in the sleepy village of Cooperstown, birthplace of baseball and is a bit of a baseball historian. Man after my own heart.


“Worst Comes To Worst” by Dilated Peoples

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Feeling a bit nostalgic these days, although this track is not that old, it is still a real banger. With some ad-lib by GURU (RIP) and production by Alchemist. We need more joints like this. Dilated is a great example of a group that was signed to a major and is now, indie as hell. Hope they continue to put out material.

Enjoy the video!

More 4/20..Cypress Hill & Dave Chapelle…Happy Smoke Day People!

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Please note the MASSIVE JOINT B-REAL is PUFFING on stage…are you kidding mr????

Cypress Hill “I want to get High” Live at Smokefest

Dave kills it in this bit about smoking with white people.

Case Of The Mondays!!

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Its Raining and Gross outside and all I wanted to do was stay in bed, but I made it to work.  I think its safe to say I got a CASE OF THE MONDAYS!

Forest Hills State Of Mind!!!…Fucking Hysterical!!!!

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Could this shit be any funnier…shout out to Farabell for the tip……and to all my TRIBE members!!!!!!!!!!!!